Mississippi workers defend against the winter cold

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It's as cold as ice in South Mississippi, and Sterling Bell is on the first leg of his long garbage route. The temperature is right around 35 degrees but the cold weather can't keep Bell from getting the job done.

"Rain, sleet, snow, shower we go get it," said Bell.

"Thunder storms, right before the hurricane it doesn't matter. We will come get it."

This battle is against old man winter, and Bell says he's ready for the war.

"We got heat patches and hand warmers. They sell hand warmers and you put them inside your gloves and they got heat patches we put them on our bodies."

A scrap wood fire and several layers of clothes provide the warmth Joel Rodriguez and his construction crew need to build a house.  Rodriguez is the job superintendent.

"I have one, two three, four clothes," said Rodriguez.

The chilly sea breeze made matters worse for construction crews building a harbor marina in Bay St. Louis. Even with coats and jackets some workers appeared to be cold.

"You get the right gear and it takes care of itself you know and your constantly moving around out here," said construction worker Jorge Ruano.

"It's not like you're sitting in one spot letting the wind hit you all the time. So your body gets warm as you move around."

Sterling Bell says moving around works for him.

"You have to move, yes you have to move," Bell said.

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