Interim sheriff selection creates excitement in Jackson County

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - In two weeks, Charles Britt will officially become the interim Jackson County Sheriff. He was selected Friday to replace former Sheriff Mike Byrd who recently pleaded guilty to a felony and state crime. The selection of Britt is big news around the county and local churches.

It was day of rejoicing at the First Baptist Church in Vancleave. The pastor and many of parishioners praised God for every blessing. They are also happy an interim sheriff has finally been picked to help continue to keep the community safe.

"I know we definitely got to have someone fill it as soon as possible," said parishioner Josh Barton.

"I am glad to have someone coming into that role."

Jackson County resident Charles Britt will now serve as chief law enforcer. Britt has worked for the Biloxi Police Department for 25 years.

"I pray the local boy will do well and we are going to lift him up," parishioner Steve Lott said.

As Britt prepares to take over temporarily, many have faith he will work hard to restore public trust in law enforcement.

"I am excited for him as he takes this new position during this interim time, so we can build trust back into that office," said Pastor Don Boone.

"We pray every day for all of our officers that work and serve the people."

Britt will begin the top law enforcement job January 6. Several in this congregation said his new appointment means it is time to forgive the past and focus on supporting the interim sheriff and his team.

"We want to move on from where we have been, and we are praying he will have a good interim period," said Boone.

"There are a lot of great men working for the sheriff's department and they need some support from the community and they needed a leader. I don't know Mr. Britt personally, but I am glad a new person in that role, so they can rally behind him.

Britt will serve as interim sheriff until a special election is held in November 2014.

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