D'Iberville cold weather shelter asking for volunteers

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - D'Iberville's cold weather shelter leaders are asking for volunteers so they can continue to help those in need throughout this unusually chilly start to winter.

James Morgan works for the city of D'Iberville during the day, and helps the homeless stay warm at night. He and Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman Jr., help manage D'Iberville's cold weather shelter, which they say is in need of more helping hands.

"People have really stepped up and given us a tremendous hand, but you know during the holidays it's a little harder to get people to volunteer just because they're tied up in their own lives," said Morgan.

The two are very thankful for all the help they have received thus far, but with more cold nights than usual, they are running low on volunteers.

They have people lined up hours before the shelter even opens. It's likely because they are the only shelter in East Harrison County. Keith Robinson says the shelter has been a blessing to him the last few nights.

Swetman says being able to help people like Robinson is why they do it.

"We're not just there to give tax abatements and approve zoning," said Swetman.

"We need to make sure our citizens and our community are cared for, and I just feel like that's what we're supposed to do."

With the help of several community organizations, they have not had to turn anyone away, but they do need more assistance with the occupants so they never have to. If you would like to volunteer with D'Iberville's cold weather shelter you can contact James Morgan at 228-326-4718.

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