Two Biloxi Women Debate The Debate

Judy Mawson is a retired photographer. She loves snap shots because they help her look at America with wonder and awe.

Mawson is also an undecided voter. And she was not awed by the final presidential debate.

"I just felt as though it was too many digs at each other," she said.

A few feet away, Cassie Terpering said the same thing.

"I expected it not to be back and forth with 'you said this and this is what it's supposed to be. And I said this and you said I didn't.' I didn't care for it too much," she said.

Both women live at the Methodist Retirement complex in Biloxi. Healthcare is an important topic around their complex. That's why nurses from Saad's Healthcare gave flu shots to Mawson, Terpering, and 130 of their neighbors.

While the presidential debate did focus on health issues, both ladies thought the answers lacked a cure for their concerns.

"No, I haven't learned a thing from it," Terpering said. "It's not going to change my mind."

Mawson reiterated her disdain for the mudslinging.

"I would prefer to stick strictly with actual facts rather than facts that may or may not be quite true," she said.

You want to hear the one fact that made the biggest impression on Judy Mawson. Sen. Kerry and President Bush both wore the same thing -- dark suits and red ties. What they actually said during the debate made virtually no impression on Mrs. Mawson at all.

"The subject matter had been covered before, before, before, before. And I was tired of it," she said. "So I did turn it off."

This undecided voter will wait until election day to get a true picture of who she'd like to see in the White House.