Christmas day or not, some people still have to work

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - While most people were playing with their new gadgets, preparing the holiday meal and visiting with family, Raymond Brown was manning his corner store. The only stores open on his block.

"Well, all my family's back home in Jamaica, and some people have nowhere to go and no where to shop," said Brown.

He didn't mind opening on Christmas, especially since his store is new to the area. He explained that every purchase helps, but he still had some Christmas day plans.

"Well, I have some friends that cooked and they been waiting for me to come over so I'm going to eat some good food."

For those who didn't cook, it was slim pickings since most eateries were closed, but McDonald's near Keesler Air Force Base was open and ready for business.

Employee, Danielle Moore, says working on the Christmas holiday isn't that bad, but Christmas really should be a time to be with family. Time with family is the reason behind Walgreens employee Hope Taylor's selfless decision to work on Christmas.

"Out of 24 years with Walgreens, I never worked Christmas and I had coworkers that had small kids and I wanted them to be home today," said Taylor.

Taylor has adult children, so she signed up to work, but may be regretting that decision seeing that the line hasn't let up since she clocked in.

"It's been real busy. It's been three of us working today and every place is closed and no food so we've been working on empty stomachs today."

Taylor may have worked on an empty stomach, but at least when she gets home she will be greeted with a holiday meal.

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