Moss Point church changes lives by collecting change

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A Moss Point church is spreading God's love this holiday season in a very special way. The campaign is called Project Change It, and it is truly helping change lives.

Here at Church of the Living God in Moss Point, the congregation believes you are never too young to help the needy.

"Giving is the right spirit and we teach our children early to do that," said campaign organizer Brenda Goldsmith.

To teach a lesson on giving this holiday season, the Sunday school class participated in a campaign called, Project Change It.

"We decided the change that comes into the Sunday school will go into a fund and we would deposit to an account and at the end of the year we would give those funds to a set of people who we decided were in need."

The dollars, quarters and nickels the kids collected added up to $1,000. Two locals were surprised with the money. One was Gautier High student Tiffany Townsend. Her mother died suddenly this year.

"The death came at a crucial time in her life right before the holidays and her senior year in high school, so we felt she would be very sad this time of the year and our hope was to make it bright for her."

Tiffany was extremely honored.

"It is extremely special," Tiffany said.

"If my mom was here she would have got me whatever I wanted and I thank this church for making it happen, similar to what she would do."

The other recipient was Whitney Davison.

"Whitney was diagnosed with Lupus awhile back and she struggled with the medical issues and I understood she needed a Kidney," Goldsmith said.

Her family said the extra money will provide extra support during this tough time.

"We travel back and forth to New Orleans, and you know, it is costly. There are people out here that love, but for them to actually show love is just overwhelming," Gwen Fields said.

Helping change lives for the better is what the project is all about and the church is happy it was able to do just that. This is the sixth year the church has held the campaign to raise money for those in need.

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