Gulfport soup kitchen serves meals and hope on Christmas Eve

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Nearly 800 people were able to enjoy a Christmas Eve meal thanks to Feed My Sheep. Volunteers at the Gulfport soup kitchen are also looking to nourish the spirit of the down and brokenhearted.

Best friends Tinah Kippes and Whitney Hill said a heartfelt desire to serve the community led them to spend their first Christmas Eve volunteering.

Whitney Hill said, "I just think it's a great opportunity because everybody needs help eventually. And if I was in the same situation, I think someone to do that for me, too."

"I just wanted to help out," said Tinah Kippes. "Give to people that don't have what us fortunate people have. And I just thought I could help out and bring smiles to their faces. "

Feed My Sheep dished up 791 plates on Christmas Eve. Officials say the soup kitchen is about putting faith into action.

Board Member Randy Brownlee said, "The extended family for Christmas is just what we're called to do as Christians. It's what we do. We're supposed to take care of the needy and that's what our mission is here."

In celebrating the birth of Christ, volunteer Sydney Smith shared his testimony.

"I did crack for a very long time and when I think about what God has brought me from and changed my life, it makes me weep," Smith said.

Volunteers want people who come here to know whatever their circumstances, people here at Feed My Sheep care and are praying for them.

"They all have a knowledge about Christ and a desire to serve Him and to serve these people," Smith said. "That makes so much of a difference because we have a team of individuals that love what we do. I come here every day to bring a message of hope that it can happen if you believe and you look to Him because he is the answer. "

Feed My Sheep officials said they are on track to serve 190,000 meals by the end of the 2013 which would be another record setting year.

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