Daffodils planted for holiday hope

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Underneath the oaks at Hiller Park, gardeners gathered with daffodil bulbs ready to dig.

"I've been planting daffodils ever since I was 3-years-old," said 8-year-old Bryce Kriner.

When it comes to gardening, Bryce is a pro. Planting is something he's very passionate about.

"I just want the earth to be a better place, and I like to add some color into it."

Organizer Martha Boyce, with the Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation, said messages like that make the event worthwhile.

"There is hope after all of these natural and man-made disasters that we may have to go through, but a place in the garden makes it a place of hope, a place of serenity, of peace," said Boyce.

With shovels and daffodil bulbs, gardeners planted more than 3,000 flowers, all symbolizing hope. Boyce said it's an effort that started in 2006, after Hurricane Katrina."

"They say it all started in the garden, so it can start over because the replanting and the new growth. As the plants grow and the earth grows, the people grow."

Long-time volunteers said these flowers are special.

"You just get to see them come back each year and daffodils multiple," said Kathy Lantz.

"So, this way you can come back, dig them up, divide them out and share them with people in years to come."

"Just trying to make the earth a better place is the most valuable part," said Bryce.

Volunteers felt confident, the earth may just be a bit brighter thanks to a couple thousand daffodils.

The MS Renaissance Garden foundation will host another gardening event January 4 at Hiller Park.

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