Christmas comes early for South Mississippi's homeless

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Christmas for Campers was held in Biloxi and Gulfport Saturday. Shepherd of the Gulf and organizer, Lynda Favre collected Christmas gifts and passed them out to dozens of "campers" in South Mississippi.

Favre is a popular name amongst the homeless community on the Gulf Coast, but she says her love for campers, as she affectionately calls them, is just natural.

"They know I care and they know that they can trust me to help them," said Favre.

"They have no fear of me and I have no fear of them. It's just a trust thing and they know if they have a need they can contact me and I'll try to help them with it."

Some of the campers even received new bicycles and bus passes. 56 campers pre-registered for gifts, but they were able to help all of those who showed up due to excess supplies collected from the community.

"It's a great help especially when you can't afford to get the stuff. Organizations like this are a tremendous help especially at this time," said camper Kendall Davis.

Michael Odell came to the event with a friend, and wasn't expecting to get anything. Odell says they walked 15 miles from North Gulfport, because his friend was so excited.

"He's been looking so forward to getting here and I escorted him here and we walked and walked and even though I didn't sign up for nothing, I have been given things. It's just a real nice blessing here," said Odell.

Lynda Favre and Shepard of the Gulf also organize Thanksgiving in the Woods, where they prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless.

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