Downing To Face Grand Jury For Murder

The family of Robyn Weatherford sat calmly in the courtroom as chief investigator Captain Louie Miller gave his testimony about what has been found during this ongoing investigation.

The suspect, Sean Downing, made no eye contact with anyone as Captain Miller explained the brutality of Robyn's murder, which included sexual assault and possible strangulation.

Miller revealed Robyn had died in her bedroom, was wrapped in her bed sheets, and taken out to a shed behind her home on Simon Boulevard. That's where her body was found on August 15th.

Downing was arrested last month in Cameron, Louisiana, on an unrelated charge and was extradited back to Jackson County after police learned he was wanted for questioning.

Police say a bloody palm print found in Weatherford's bedroom links him to Robyn's murder.

Captain Miller did say there are other persons of interest, and that this investigation is not closed by any means.

This case will be presented to a grand jury at a later date.