Last minute gift ideas for your hunter or angler

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The countdown to find the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for the outdoor enthusiast is underway across South Mississippi.

The WLOX Fish and Game Report offers a few gift ideas with the emphasis on keeping the purchase simple whether buying for an angler or hunter.

In Gulfport, Tony Deas at Sports Unlimited said the perfect stocking stuffer for anglers range from a newly designed tackle box that features a lighting and speaker system to traditional jigs, lures and fishing gloves.

"Something new on the market for Christmas is the Wild River Tackle Box with built in LED lights and speakers," Deas said.

"It's a high quality speaker system where you can plug your MP3 Player into it or your cell phone and listen to music at the islands or on the river. That way, you do not have to have a stereo system on the boat. You can even plug your cell phone into the speakers and hear your cell phone ring. I have a hard time hearing my phone ring on my boat and that's why I like it. The phone will actually ring through the speakers nice and loud, and it also has plenty of space for fishing supplies, too."

Top selling lures and jigs are the many Mirrolures series as well as top-water and slow-sinking lures by Yo-Zuri and the Vudu shrimp.

"In our 40 years of being in business, the Vudu shrimp has become the number one seller. It comes in 13 different colors and is the closest thing to a magic bait that I've seen. We've had people tell us they have caught 50 or even a 100 speckled trout on one Vudu shrimp. In comparison, the D.O.A. (jig) is good for one or two trout. You can fish the Vudu shrimp under a cork, on the bottom or slow-troll. The Vudu shrimp is a bait that can be used year around, too."

Other gift ideas includes a brill net to catch live bait such as shrimp, pogies, minnows and croaker and spin cast reels for the inexperienced anglers. Filet knives and first aid kits to be used on boats are also popular gift items.

In terms of hunting, Kevin Riley at Dad's Super Pawn in Gulfport, said gift certificates are the popular gift. The certificates can be used at a later date to purchase rifles and shotguns or hunting attire.

"Gift certificates are huge and have always been great gifts," Riley said.

"Everybody wants to get their husband or child something when it comes to hunting. This way, they can come in and use the gift certificate and get exactly what they want in terms of the brand name or caliber of rifle. Also, I bet we're up 20-to-30 percent in sales of gift certificates that will be used to purchase items like hunting rifles after Christmas. You can even use gift certificates to purchase scopes for rifles or gun repair and gun cleaning kits. The beauty about a gift certificate is that hunter or fishermen you're buying for can purchase what they want. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate."

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