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Man steals donation jar for local cancer patient

Henderson police are looking for a man who walked off with a cancer patient's donation jar.

Dan Fritz, owner of Golden Glaze Bakery on Washington Street, reported the theft Wednesday morning. 

Jonelle Lawrence has says she's worked at the bakery for over 30 years, crafting delicious treats. She never once thought that something like this would ever happen in her store or the community. 

"The girl that was working was mopping the floor and as soon as she got to the other end and turned her back on him, he grabbed it and left," Lawrence said.

Lawrence says a man stole a donation jar for local cancer patient, J. Husk on December 10. They say they didn't realize it was missing until they looked at the surveillance video on Tuesday.

"Knowing the individual that we know and his condition, it angers you," Lawrence said.

J. Husk is in hospice care at Methodist Hospital battling brain cancer and that donation jar was for him. 

"It's Christmas. This isn't suppose to be the way Christmas is," Husk said.

J. was diagnosed over the summer, and after several treatments and trips to different hospitals, he's come back home to Henderson to be with his family. 

"I know everybody's hurting. I know they are. I know everybody's hurting, and stealing is not the answer," Husk told 14 News.

J's family, along with friends at Golden Glaze Bakery, are hoping someone will notice this person in the blue and yellow coat and come forward.

"When you steal from a family that could really use it, it makes it really bad," Lawrence said.

The surveillance footage was posted on social media in hopes of identifying the suspect.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Henderson Police at 270-831-1295 or Henderson County Crime Stoppers at 270-831-1111.

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