Gov. Musgrove Talks Briefly About The Saints And Mississippi

This is what Governor Ronnie Musgrove said at Hancock Bank's Economic Symposium when he was asked about the New Orleans Saints moving to Hancock County.  "What you've heard is you've heard the discussion of the entire Gulf South market rather than a specific market," the governor said. "And you've already started hearing about Louisiana, Mississippi, maybe Alabama going together when you start talking about major projects."

The governor never mentioned the Saints by name during his speech, or during an interview afterward.  He told WLOX News, "It's my policy not to discuss economic development projects."

Governor Musgrove repeated that statement twice before he finally heard a question about the Saints that he answered.  He was asked if it could help the state of Mississippi if a team like New Orleans decided to move to Hancock County rather than play in the Superdome?  In Musgrove's answer, the governor said, "It's our goal and objective to always enhance Mississippi with economic development projects. We believe any economic development project that brings good jobs, good opportunities, good image to our state is certainly work our consideration."

Business leaders see merit in the Saints to Mississippi concept because of the doors that could open for other projects. For instance, a NASCAR race track and a new Mississippi Louisiana regional airport have both been rumored to be headed to Hancock County.

According to Hancock Bank executive George Schloegel, "It makes a lot of sense for us to combine some of our activities in economic development. We're one city when you look at us. And we need to do things together."

Right now, most of the Saints relocation talk is being done by the media. As you heard from Governor Musgrove, public statements about where the team will play football in the future are not being released.