South Mississippians head west for a chance at millions

SLIDELL, LA (WLOX) - For most people, it would be a dream come true: You walk into a store, hand the clerk a dollar, and walk out with a ticket worth millions. The odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery are monumental, but that's not enough to dissuade players. We found plenty of Mississippians heading across the state line to Louisiana to pick up tickets.

"I picked up about 55 tickets," said D'Iberville resident David Fowler.

Fowler made the run for himself and six co-workers at the Ocean Springs dentist office where he works. The right numbers could make them all instant multi-millionaires.

"Hopefully we can all win, split it, and take care of all of our financial needs. And family too, and some friends. Kind of spread the love," said Fowler.

And judging from the Mississippi license plates in Slidell store parking lots, he's not alone. The nation's second largest Mega Million jackpot has a lot of South Mississippians crossing their fingers.

"Trying to get me some of that big money," said Biloxi resident Chris Walker.

Pascagoula resident Jean Hillard said, "That I win so my family will be happy."

Hitting it big for Hillard would change a lot of lives.

"I would thank the good Lord, share it with my family and help the needy. And be wealthy for the rest of my life," explained Hillard.

But as the jackpot soars, so do the odds of winning.

"I'm just doing it, that way I don't sit home at night and say, 'What if?' I'd rather say, 'I did,' than, 'What if?' "

The Mega Million jackpot is on track to shatter the U.S. Lotto record. If no one gets the right numbers by Christmas Eve, the jackpot is expected to soar to $1 billion.

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