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Man in dark should have electricity by Tuesday

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's some light at the end of the tunnel for a Jackson man who's dealt with no electricity to his home for the last month.

Otha Amos says some maintenance workers showed up at his house Monday morning to fix the damaged wiring. Entergy had cut power to the home in November because frayed wiring was a fire risk.

"Our meter reader, who went out to do the monthly reading to determine the amount of electricity used, noticed that the meter had damaged wires," said Entergy spokesperson Mara Hartmann. "If you've got damaged wires and electricity coming through, something could catch fire."

Sunday Amos said his landlord, Napolean Moore, refused to pay for the repairs.

"He don't answer my calls," said Amos. "I fooled him one time and called on my nephew's home, and then he answered. And I asked him, how come you didn't call me back. He said 'I don't have to call you back.'"

We tried contacting Moore, but he didn't return our calls.

Today, it was a different story. Amos says the landlord apparently paid for the workers to fix the problem.

Amos said the workers will have to turn a permit in to the city of Jackson, certifying the repairs. From there, his power should be restored within the next 24 hours.

That's good news for Amos who has been living in the house without heat.

"I got like five, six blankets on the bed and I put some clothes on top of there, and then I get under there," said Amos.

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