Beau Rivage Employees Help Community

Beau Rivage employees are giving back to the community. This year, employees will give $280,000 to 93 Mississippi charities. On Tuesday, a handful of co-workers toured some of the places that will benefit from that money including the De l'Epee Deaf Center in Gulfport.

Trisha Ebberman speaks her mind with her hands. At the De l'Epee deaf center she has little trouble making herself understood. That's not always the case in places like court, police stations and doctor's offices so De l'Epee provides interpreters.

"The communication is very important and knowing about my health," she said. "In case we have surgeries we want to know all the details. Without the interpreter there would be confusion."

Beau Rivage employees got a glimpse into the world of the deaf on Tuesday and some of the people their donations are helping. Workers are giving $5,000 to De l'Epee which is a center where deaf people can come to get food, help with living expenses, and take classes.

Paul Arguelles works for Beau Rivage. "I did not realize that this was one of the only facilities like this in Mississippi. I think it's a great attribute to the Gulf Coast and to our area."

Beau Rivage employees say they came wanting to know if their contribution makes a difference and left knowing for sure it did.

"Being able to come to the facilities just lets us know that the money is going to a good cause and we can assure those employees back at Beau Rivage that that type of stuff is happening," said Arguelles.

Beau Rivage employees also stopped by Back Bay Mission, Morning Star Pregnancy Center and the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. They're all organizations that are receiving donations from Beau Rivage.