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Rape victim continues to feel threatened

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A 26-year-old rape victim continues to fear for her life. The young woman says although her perpetrator is behind bars, she still feels like a target.

"He put the cover over my eyes and my nose," said Brittany Washington. "He told me he was going to rape me and he did so in front of, at the time then, my one year old baby."

Victim Brittany Washington says she was sexually assaulted back in May when 27 year old Jonathan Lee Smith broke in to her home in the middle of the night. In June, Jackson Police arrested the man charging him with rape.

"Being a victim of sexual assault, it's very hard to deal with," said Washington. "So many women don't tell their stories because they are afraid that the person might come back and kill them. 85 percent of woman who are victims of sexual assault, it's always somebody that they know."

Washington has known her perpetrator since they were in the sixth grade. She led me to his Facebook page.

Washington says she continues to fear for her life because she believes she is now the target of a social media attack by Smith. Washington recalls the most recent post made she believes is aimed at her.

Washington recalls the Facebook post, "A "B" put a charge on me. I beat the charge, it was common sense. I didn't even need a lawyer. If I see the "B." If he sees me what he's going to do to me. And then once he does that to me than he can sit down."

On that same page Washington points out where the most recent post allegedly made by him was just this week.

"He's behind bars, he's not supposed to be anywhere near a cell phone," said Washington. "Whoever is bringing the cell phones and all this in, I feel like something should be done because you know, this is scary."

Washington says she is speaking out and wants to be a voice for not only herself, but those victims who remain silent.

There is no confirmation Smith has actually made these posts from jail or if someone is posting on his behalf.

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