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Anti hunger group rates congressmen and senators

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

An anti-hunger group is grading lawmakers on how they voted this year on matters impacting issues like food stamps and food safety.

"Food Policy Action" released its list of 87 food champions who got a perfect score of 100, and 20 food failures who scored zero.

Senators were graded on six votes and house members on 13 votes related to hunger, food aid, food labels and farm subsidies.

<Ken cook / food policy action board - chairman "

"We absolutely hope and believe this scorecard will make a difference," said Food Policy Action Board Chairman Ken Cook. "We think that members of congress will see that food matters to the American public, that these votes that we are scoring, finally someone is keeping track of them and adding it all up."

When you look at how Mississippi's law makers scored, you'll see Alan Nunnelee is one of the 20 who scored zero in the scorecard.

Each congressman and senator is scored based on legislative votes. To see how the group scored those votes, visit the Food Policy Action website.

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