Are Christmas trees selling well this year?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The holiday spirit is certainly in the air. Proof of that can be seen in the dozens of Christmas tree lots scattered up and down the coast. Cindy Byrd is a tree lot manager.

"They've been moving really well. We've enjoyed the customer, and we've sold a lot of trees, and just having a good time with the people."

In years past, two things have greatly impacted the sale of Christmas trees. First, Hurricane Katrina. With so many people losing their homes, there were fewer homes to put tress into. And then came the recession of 2008, and people had little money to spend on Christmas trees. But times have changed, according to tree lot owner Brian Redmond.

"Actually, it's been off to a real good start this year."

Redmond has been coming down to the coast from Wisconsin for 35 years. Selling trees is good for the bottom line, but something else is just as important for him.

"We just got to like the people and the people on the lot. It's fun," Redmond explained.  "The people come in and they're in a good mood. A lot of people come in and we've gotten to be friends over the years and I just look forward to coming down here every year."

So when it comes to trees, what's hot and what's not?  

"I'm sold out of the smaller trees," said Brandon Wilson, who also manages a tree lot. "Those are the five to six foot. So a lot of people want a more modest tree this year. I'm seeking a lot of people going for the medium range and that seems to be the most popular thing this year."

That's exactly what Keith Ward was on the hunt for, finding the perfect size tree on a tree lot in Biloxi.

"A small, five to six foot tree for the front yard. Everyone in the neighborhood puts white lights on it and makes it look real Christmasy," Ward said.

Most of the tree sellers said they expect to sell out by the weekend before Christmas.  Any trees left over will either be donated or ground into mulch.

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