New Kids Fitness Program

It's 45 minutes of jumping, kicking, pumping iron, and anything else to keep their heart rates up and, eventually, their weight down.

"Well there's a lot of obesity going on in kids now. The percentage is very up. They're watching TV and playing video games. They're just not as active as they used to be," Trainer Terri Jordan says.

But this new 8-week fitness program isn't just to help kids lose weight.

Coordinators say it's to get them interested in a healthy lifestyle early so obesity won't be a problem later.

"What they enjoy is what they are going to stick with and what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. That's the goal of the program to get them doing things that they enjoy and continue to do," Instructor Kelcey Gollott says.

Aerobics isn't the only activity these kids will be doing.

For next few weeks, the kids will be out doors hiking, skating, swimming, even lifting weights.

But no fitness program would be complete without a class on nutrition.

Even David Jones says he's learned a lot as a parent.

"It kind of overwhelmed a lot of us when we heard we were only suppose to eat one little chicken breast and that's it. Or this much green beans is actually good for you, which she was kind of excited about that part, she didn't have to eat as many green beans as we thought she did," Jones says.

Jones hopes when his daughter finishes the program, she'll continue to practice what she learned in her daily life.