"Gulf Coast Bee A Backer" a new free online fund raising tool

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Have you ever heard of "communi-funding?" It's basically like "crowd funding" but more community driven.

You may know about "Kickstarter" that's helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for individuals at no charge.

Well there's now a local version of that with our specific community benefiting from all of the money raised.

It's called "Gulf Coast Bee A Backer" and it's already creating quite a buzz.

Locals Robert Ramey and Mark Spain are the creators of "Gulf Coast Bee A Backer". Much like "Kickstarter", it's free to set up a funding campaign that anyone who believes in your creation or cause can donate to.

The difference is "Gulf Coast Bee A Backer" is specifically for our area, but can be seen around the globe.

"Backers can back from anywhere, anyone's campaign," said Spain and Ramey.

Ramey and Spain say it's very simple to put your video or appeal letter on the site in one of four categories personal, business, creative or organization. Schools, they say are already signing up for this easy, hands off approach, and you get all the profits no matter how much or how little is raised.

"It's not all or nothing, whatever gets donated, you get to have it, you don't have to reach a certain goal," said Ramey.

Linda Orrison at The Shed is one of the first to start a Bee A Backer campaign. Her cause is to fund medical treatment for a precious little Ocean Springs boy named Levi who has won the hearts of so many.

"Most people on the gulf coast know who that is, and that's great , it's fantastic, it's going to be great for him and help the family out, they have to fly all the way to Boston for his treatments," said Spain of Levi.

World War II veterans who didn't get to fly out on one of the Gulf Coast Honor Flights to see their monument in D.C. a "Bee A Backer" campaign will soon be started to fund that, in cooperation with the Seabee base in Gulfport.

"They told us they're very interested in doing the honor flight and we're going to do the honor flight and make things happen next year," Spain said.

On the new "Gulf Coast Bee A Backer" you can also offer thank you gifts to those who donate to your cause.

"Where someone who donates say $50 can get a T-shirt, but you don't have to do that, so it's a win, win for everybody," Ramey said.

Right now they are doing a 10 Campaigns of Christmas, which will give 10 of the best campaigns on "Gulf Coast Bee A Backer" $1,000 toward their fund raising.

They also say if you have any trouble on the computer getting your campaign online, they'll actually come to you and help set it up.

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