Passengers wait for hours even days to get to their destinations

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Gulfport Biloxi International Airport was busy on Friday. Unfortunately for many passengers, Mother Nature was not cooperating.

"Our original flight was scheduled at 6:25 a.m. and it was canceled," said Collin Griffith.

"We had to rebook for a noon flight so I'm just trying to get home sometime today."

Griffith lives in Missouri, but he has been in Gulfport for the past week for work.

"If I don't get home my girlfriend won't be very happy with me," Griffith said laughing.

"We will just stay here and hope to get out tomorrow"

Work also brought Steven Russell to South Mississippi, his destination is Atlanta.

"I enjoy Gulfport so it's not so bad hanging out here, but there's been some significant delays. We have been pushed two or three times today already," said Russell.

Jonathan Clark has been trying to get home to Missouri for the past three days.

"I have a lot of patience, it's frustrating but I'm over it as long as I get home," Clark said.

Clark finally boarded a plane but that does not mean he will get home any time soon. His first stop is Charlotte, NC.

"The weather right now is pretty rough, there is an ice storm coming, so there is a chance I might not be able to leave Charlotte," Clark said.

While there have been a lot of delays, the only cancellations out of Gulfport have been to Texas. American Airlines had to cancel one flight Thursday to Dallas, all three on Friday and one flight is canceled on Saturday.

Luckily all the passengers we talked with understood it is out of the airline's hands.

"It's kind of just comes with traveling in winter. Happens, the only thing you can do is deal with it," Griffith said.

"I don't know how to fly planes."

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