Coast man takes life from meth to Christ

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - From meth to Christ, that is the story a Hurley preacher shared in Waveland Thursday night.

Preacher and author Rodney Williams told the gripping tale of a life of drug abuse that ended when his meth lab exploded leaving him scarred for life. It caused a conversion that he says healed his wounds.

Now with his book, "Club Meth to Christ," and his ministry, Williams is offering hope to other recovering addicts.

He spoke to the Help Me Help Myself Club of the crystal meth anonymous organization at the Church of Our Lord Jesus in Waveland on the Kiln-Waveland cut-off road.

"My last day as a drug addict, I'm cooking meth in a small trailer," Williams told the group.

"A spark hit the heat lamp and the whole trailer just ignited into big flames. I tried to get out and run but with those big flames there was nowhere to go. I began flipping locks and the door came out. I ran outside on fire. I beat the remaining flames out all burned up."

"That's when I began crying out to God 'what did he want me to do?' because I knew I was too weak to do it on my own."

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