Gulfport saves big bucks on fire truck

A new pumper truck sits inside the garage at the main Gulfport fire station downtown.

Trucks like this one carry a very heavy price tag.

"It's not unusual for a class a pumper like this to cost half a million dollars if you get it loaded with all the bells and whistles. This truck has a value of $400,000" said Chief Michael Beyerstedt.

The Gulfport Fire Department picked up this truck for just $330,000. Cities are battling budget issues so the department got creative shopping for this truck and saved significant money.

"I worked with our community block grant person and we worked out a plan where we got the trucks with federal funds" says the Chief.

Chief Beyerstedt and the firefighters at the station made a commitment to cut costs even further.

"We have a lot of people here with a wide variety of skills. They've been really supportive of the department by doing what they can. All of that stuff would normally be done by a third party, but the guys stepped up to the plate" Beyerstedt said.

The truck is almost ready to go. Once it's completed it will be assigned to fire station two, replacing this outdated pumper truck, enhancing fire protection in West Gulfport.