Hancock County Drying Out From Flood Waters

Most of the water is now gone in Hancock County neighborhoods flooded by Tropical Storm Matthew.

Only a few puddles and soggy yards remain in the "Garden Isle" community. Neighbors there are used to dealing with rising waters. Heavy rains cause canals from the Jourdan River to overflow and fill the streets with water. That's why most all of the homes are elevated on pilings.

One longtime resident says the aftermath of Tropical Storm Matthew wasn't that bad.

"It got to like three foot in my yard. Three to four foot. My yard is a little less, underneath my house it was like a foot and a half. So, it wasn't too bad. And I didn't take my vehicle out this time, but I should have. It was a little nerve wracking toward the end," said Gail Lambert.

Lambert, who's lived in the neighborhood for more than twenty years, says the trade off is worth it.  She can endure the occasional flood for the tranquil beauty that her neighborhood offers most of the time.

She also says the advance warning about the approaching storm gave her and her neighbors plenty of time to prepare for the rising flood water.