Authorities make another plea for tips on missing George County man

Donovan Cowart.
Donovan Cowart.
Donovan Cowart's sister Wendy Keel tearfully asks the public for tips.
Donovan Cowart's sister Wendy Keel tearfully asks the public for tips.
Sgt. Jason Pharez at the press conference held at the George County Courthouse.
Sgt. Jason Pharez at the press conference held at the George County Courthouse.

GEORGE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - George County resident Donovan Cowart disappeared almost a year ago and still there is no sign of the man. On Tuesday George County authorities held a news conference to ask for the public's help.

Cowart was just 26-years-old when authorities say he was last seen in January of this year. At the George County Courthouse there was a new push to get the public to come forward with tips into the whereabouts of Cowart. Since his disappearance family members, specifically his sister and only sibling Wendy Keel have been searching for him.

Officials at George County Sheriff's office believe with the holiday season upon us someone with information about Donovan Cowart will want to come forward to receive the reward money that family members are now offering.

"Donovan Cowart's family is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to finding him or his remains," said George County Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Pharez at the press conference. "He was reported missing by his sister and she stated that it was not unusual for him to stay out of contact for up to a month."

Keel said though he was last seen in January, she waited a few months later [March] because she wanted to be absolutely sure he was missing. Pharez has been investigating the disappearance of Cowart.  Pharez says he and his department have followed up on numerous tips that ultimately end up cold.

"So far the tips we've received have led us to conduct searches in Greene County, the Basin Community of George County and Wilmer," explained Pharez.

But nobody wants to find Cowart more than his worried sister. She says the last time she spoke to her brother was through a phone call.

"Loving person he was very kind hearted, he's private," she said about Cowart.

The older sister says her younger brother had many friends in both George County and in Mobile County, Alabama. Authorities believe someone in Cowart's circle of friends knows something that will pinpoint exactly where he's located.

"Please, if you have any information that could bring my brother home just call it in. It may not be anything to you, but it may be the biggest thing that they need. So just please call in any information that you have. If it was your brother and I had information I would do the same," Keel said.

Pharez says a reoccurring tip indicates Cowart is dead and possibly buried in the Mobile area or in George County, but nothing has been found to prove that. In addition to the $2, 500 reward from the family. Mississippi Coast Crimestoppers is  offering a $1,000 reward if the tip leads to an arrest.

To leave a tip with the George County Sheriff's Office call 601-947-9156 or Mississippi Coast Crimestoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

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