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8-year-old boy working to provide coats for foster children


As colder weather heads our way, many of you will grab your coat to keep warm. But not everyone has that luxury.

That's why Charlie Pitner has made it his personal mission to do something about that…even though Charlie is in the second grade.

"I was listening to my radio one night and they were doing this coat drive that was $40," said Charlie, 8.

"He came out one night and said, ‘Mom they're doing their drive, they're giving coats to kids who don't have coats. If you give $40 a month, they'll give them a coat'," said Charlie's mother Christy.

Christy told Charlie $40 a month was not in their budget. So Charlie asked his mom if they could get a bunch of coats. Again, Charlie's mom said no because that was too expensive. Then Charlie asked if they could earn a bunch of coats and that's when Christy said yes.

"It's neat to see somebody that young with so much ambition and so much potential but mainly with a focus on others," said Dr. Ed Wentz

The pile may be bigger than he is, but it's still a long way to go to 600. That's his goal this year, upping it from 247 coats he collected last year.

"It doesn't matter how big or small you are, you can make a difference and you can do something for other people," Christy said.

So he may be a little second grader who likes fudge ice cream and fancy boots, but it's his big heart, smile and drive to help others that's getting all the attention.

Drop-off locations are at Wentz Orthodontics at 4013 84th St. and First United Methodist Church at 1411 Broadway St.

You have until December 15th to help him reach his goal.

The coats will go to local foster children through CASA, children of families working with The Bridge of Lubbock and children in need at Bayless Elementary School.

Charlie has provided a flyer explaining his event. Just click here: http://bit.ly/1bf9Hkj

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