Picayune will continue doing what got them to 5A State Championship game

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - The Picayune Maroon Tide offense has rolled up 45-hundred-27 yards rushing and 11-hundred-23 yards passing, making it

extremely difficult for the opposition to contain coach Dodd Lee's 5A South State champs.

Senior Boderick Scott runs the Maroon Tide explosive attack from his quarterback position... handing the ball off to a host of running backs, led by Preston Dedeaux. He's churned out 18-hundred-51 yards on the ground.

When defensive teams expect another run, Scott will drop back and loaf the football to likes of Kadarius Cross who has 17 catches to lead the Maroon Tide.

Boderick Scott said,"Without the offensive line we wouldn't be nothing. We've got good backs running the ball. I can throw the ball. If it wasn't for the protection we would be nowhere."

Number 74 offensive tackle D'Marcus Haralson leads the offensive charge at 6-foot-7, 304 pounds.

"It's really not all about the size, it's about the heart that you have." stated Haralson. "The coaches help you and that's all that matters."@

Will Maroon Tide head coach Dodd Lee make any changes this week in preparation for undefeated Oxford?

"Do exactly what we've been doing," stated coach Lee. He added,"I think our preparation is what makes us the program that we are. Every week everybody has a lot of responsibilities and we go over the same situations do the same thing in preparation. We'll arrive the same times, arrive two hours early, tape and we'll play football and we'll come home."@

Hopefully they'll bring the 5A State Championship trophy back to Picayune.  The Maroon Tide captured state titles in 1986 and 2011.

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