A life saving mission in Jackson County

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The dogs came in one by one, or even more at times. Tails wagging as if they knew something special was about to happen.  They are going home, first to Tennessee.

Judy Parsley heads up the Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter.  "They go there, get vetted, spayed and neutered and whatever else they need and then she holds big adoption events in the northeast and they go to adoptable homes," Parsley explained.

Now that "she" is Molli Bowen, founder of Companion Pet Rescue.  "I do what I do because I have an undying love for dogs that without rescue are going to die in shelters and it's just really sad how many good dogs die every day," Bowen said.

For workers at the animal shelter, these are days to celebrate life, and a new beginning for these puppies and dogs.  Peggy Hoffman is the shelter manager.  "I think this is wonderful. It's just what we need down here. It just gets a lot of them into good homes."

It certainly takes a lot of effort and a lot of coordination to pull off these pet rescues across the country, including here in south Mississippi, but none of it would be possible without the loving care given by foster pet parents.

One of them is JoAnn Young, who fostered a dog for the first time these past few weeks.  "It's the best feeling in the world because a lot of these dogs were going to be euthanized if they didn't have foster parents. It's been hard work but it was worth every minute of it," Young exclaimed.

Despite today's efforts, there is room for improvement in rescue operations, according to Parsley.  "It's growing but it's not growing fast enough, particularly in the south and southeast. We have a lot of high kill shelters and we need more people to get involved."

That involvement has these dogs saying just one thing to their human benefactors, a good healthy bark.

Companion Pet Rescue visits dozens of shelters across the south each year, saving hundreds of animals.

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