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Man found with dozens of stolen adult sex toys

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Four people are in custody in connection with a burglary at a Jackson business over the weekend.

The burglary happened at the McDowell road Adult Video and Bookstore. Just before noon, precinct one officers recovered the items that were taken.

Dozens of adult sex toys, cash, a computer, and jewelry were among the items. A cash register containing $181.00 was also taken from the business.

Police they say they got a tip from the sister of one of the suspected thieves, that he was at a local hotel, holding on to all the items.

Officers went to the E.Com Lodge on I-55 south, and that's where they found 35-year-old Corey Alan Jackson in a room with many of the items.

He was arrested, and charged with business burglary.

Officer Colendula Green of the Jackson Police Department says, "It's very interesting. This is adult stuff. Were just glad we were able to recover all this stuff because if we didn't get that tip from the subjects sister, we wouldn't have been able to act quickly in this incident."

Officers also tracked down more stolen items that were stashed behind a burned down home on Swift street.

That's just a few blocks from where the business is located.

Three more people, believed to be involved in the burglary were also arrested there.

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