D'Iberville optimistic about casino approval

A special open meeting of the Gaming Commission inside D'Iberville city hall on Wednesday could provide the final stamp of approval for a gaming site on back bay, east of the I-110.

Land Holdings 1, the company developing the casino property is seeking what's called approval to proceed with development.

D'Iberville leaders believe this project is good to go.

"I think we've provided everything. All the requirements have been addressed to bring a casino to the city. They have their funding. They have everything else the Gaming Commission wants. Hopefully we will get our first casino" said City Manager Bobby Eleuterius.

For many years the project was called Can Can Casino. This week's permit was filed under the name Scarlet Pearl.

D'Iberville see this project as a catalyst for economic development and city officials are cautiously optimistic about approval.

"We don't take anything for granted. We've done a lot of work on our own" said City Planner Jeff Taylor.

Taylor added " A lot of our development plans hinge on a major anchor like a casino. That involves housing, mixed use development, other entertainment, our marina and shore side improvements. It's critical to the development of our downtown area."

If approved and completed the resort is expected to create hundreds of jobs and generate significant tax revenue for the city.

The Wednesday meeting is open to the public and begins at 2pm.