One Man's Flooding Fury Is Another Man's Fun

The waters has started to recede but in some Hancock County neighborhoods the tempers are still rising.

In the Garden Isle community one man claims unwelcome visitors are adding to the flooding problems.

Those who drove too fast for his liking got an ear full from Rick Scott.

"They're coming down here at five miles an hour," said Scott.

Five miles an hour doesn't sound like much but Scott says it's enough to cause more property damage in his flooded neighborhood.

Wet weather has given Garden Isle in Hancock County about a foot of water.

Scott says he's yelled at a few neighbors but it's mostly curiosity seekers making things worse.

"Visitors are just looking at it like these people are suffering. Let's just go see what's happening. You're pushing more water in my house. I mean I've got my couches up. I'm trying to get them up high but when you put a six inch wave into my house what's its going to do? Hey guys, it's no fun," Scott says.

Milton Wendt watched his barbecue pit and other possessions float away.

Although his belongings were submerged in water the flood was more an adventure for Wendt.

"It's been kind of fun. We've been playing in it," Milton says.

While one man's fun is another man's fury, it looks like the waters are receding and soon things will be getting back to normal.