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Jaguars 32, Browns 28 --Postgame Quotes

Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski                                                       

Opening statement:
"Disappointing, difficult loss. We made too many critical mistakes we were not able to overcome today. We won't stand for losing. We're going to get this fixed; it's unacceptable. It's not about the effort of the group today; it's about the mistakes. This was a team loss. Everybody is accountable. Every area of the team can get better and could be better today. We will stick together as this team has done. They're professionals and they won't give up. They didn't give up today. I'm fully committed to getting this thing turned and finishing our last four games and getting this thing on the right track." 

On what he saw on Jacksonville's last touchdown drive:
"It was disappointing. Certainly, in that position, we'd love to be able to shut them down at that point. We were unable to do that. I give Jacksonville credit. They did a good job of mixing things up and being able to hit some plays and get some plays. Obviously, [they] got the touchdown in that situation that put the game away."

On offensive struggles at the end of the second quarter:
"It was critical in the course of the game. It was huge and a huge momentum swing going into the half. Multiple turnovers there occurred, and [we] can't have it. They were able to get 13 points in a short amount of time, and it really changed the complexion of the game. I thought our guys rallied at halftime and came out with a big drive in the second half and showed their determination and showed the type of character that this teams is made of. But again, those critical mistakes, turnovers, are killing us in those games. We're just not able to overcome."

On not running out the clock in the first half:
"I thought we had enough time and we actually put together a first down. We moved the ball into a position I thought we'd get a chance to potentially get a field goal and have something there going on at the end of the half. That's the way we've been. We're going to be aggressive in those  situations and give our guys a chance to be able to make plays."

On if his mindset changes due to not having his starting quarterback in the game:
"Well you can always think twice about everything, especially when it doesn't end up working out. But (QB) Brandon (Weeden), I thought in the first half played well. Obviously on the last few drives there, (he) didn't as much. We took a couple of chances in terms of throwing some short passes and were able to move that ball a little bit. It felt like we were in a position where we could get something at the end there. We had time. We had timeouts."

On WR Josh Gordon:
"He's making plays and showing the improvement he's making and the type of player that he can be. He continues to work at it and hopefully continues to develop. With the attitude he's taken, I think his future is bright."

On why Gordon left the game briefly in the third quarter:
"He was hit in the head, and he came out, was evaluated and was cleared."

On what happened on the snap that led to the safety and if he wants the quarterback to get the safety in that situation:
"It was just a bad snap over his head, and a lot of times, you don't know where the defenders are coming from. Taking a safety is what you would do in that case, with the ball rolling around back there in the end zone."

On why it was out of the question to put QB Alex Tanney in at halftime:
"Just time on task. A couple of days, putting him in that situation, we were very limited in what we had in the package that we had with him and just felt that coming out of that second half, I think the guys had regrouped. They showed it in that first drive coming down."

On if Tanney's role will continue to expand in practice:
"The more time he gets and the more practice he gets, obviously, he'll be more exposed to the offense and be able to run more offense."


Browns Players

DB Tashaun Gipson:

On bouncing back from a loss like today's:
"You know, at the end of the day, we're all professional athletes. In this game, you're going to take some losses, you just have to bounce back and prepare next week. We've got a tough challenge coming up in Tom Brady, who's probably one of the top two quarterbacks arguably. So we're definitely going to have our hands full next week. The big thing with us is we just have to forget about this and move forward. At the end of the day, that's what we're going to do. And it's a sour taste in everyone's mouth. We felt like this was a winnable game and the ‘W' went to them today."

On feeling for Joe Haden:

"That's like my brother. For him to be down on himself after he played a game like he did and what he meant for this defense, it's kind of a terrible feeling for him to be so down on himself. He holds himself to a higher standard feeling like he is one of the elite cornerbacks in the game. It's definitely going to be tough for him, I'm right behind him and I know the field. He'd make that play ten times out of ten if it happened again."

On not covering on the first touchdown to TE Clay Harbor:

"It was a ‘Cover Three'. Coming out the middle of the post, we have three guys running so I'm going to make the play. Was the coverage designed and that was my man? Nope. But, absolutely, at the end of the day that's what we get paid for. I saw it and should have made the play – didn't. The coverage was Cover 3; I was actually ‘post safety' on that play."

On the run defense today not being what it usually is:

"Absolutely. We pride ourselves on not letting anybody run the ball against us and for them [Jaguars] to come out and run against us kind of made us take a step back and prioritize what we're doing defensively. This run defense is second to none and I feel like those guys, if we could do it all over again, I think there would be a different outcome. I tip my hat to them, they came out game-planned us, and they made plays and we didn't."


FB Chris Ogbonnaya:
On not giving up after a bad game:
"I think that one thing we have continued to get better at is overcoming adversity. I think this game was a prime example of that, but in the same breath, we just have to continue to work and minimize the critical mistakes that we do make and just keep playing. That's how the game is. They're a good team, you have to give them credit, and they play in the NFL, too. Unfortunately for us, it didn't swing our way today."

On the high snap over Brandon Weeden's head resulting in a safety:

"I wasn't in the game on that play so I'm not sure, but it's part of the game. We were able to overcome that. I think Josh [Gordon] is playing out of his mind, he's got incredible talent. He continues to mature and he continues to get better. I just mean within the game, you know, how he approaches the game, he's more vocal, he's doing the little things right to become a pro and that's all you can ask of him. Brandon [Weeden] did a great job today overcoming some plays that he made and we, as a team, need to continue to gel and continue to make those plays late like we need to."

On how the game blew up a little bit:

"No, that's football. Things are going to happen throughout the course of the game and you just have to be able to adapt to them."

On the team not being able to put things together:

"We just have to continue to work. I think when you're in a new system and learning how your coaches want to attack things, you just have to continue to go at it in the best way possible. I think that we've done that. We've been in plenty of close games; unfortunately we haven't finished them the way we want to finish them. That's something we'll just have to continue to work at."


WR Josh Gordon:

On appreciating such a performance like this one:
"I really can't.  For us it's all about winning this one, it's what we came here to do.  We expect to [win] every Sunday, but as a group collectively we couldn't get it done, and that's what matters most to me."

On some point looking back at what you've done these past two weeks:

"Individually it's great, but if it was one of those individual sports, then I could accept that.  As a team we have to do a lot better, we have to get over that hump."

On the 95 yard TD reception:

"It was great.  I thought that we were actually going to have a momentum swing right there and we did for a second.  It was a great play, Brandon made a good read on it, and I tried to finish it as hard as I could."

On the huge hit that he took in the third quarter:

"Oh yes, he got a good hit on me, that's all.  He got me in the chin, but I felt fine though.  Nothing wrong with me.  I wasn't concussed; I told them I could come back out there, and win the game.  I'm alright though."


LB Jabaal Sheard:
On what has happened to the defense these past few weeks:
"I don't know. We just have to do a better job at rushing the quarterback and winning early."

On how Jacksonville was able to march down the field near the end of the game:

"I was disappointed. We didn't finish strong and, as a good defense that's trying to be a top defense, you have to make plays at that time in the game. We did not do a good job on defense. We didn't sack the quarterback and we didn't take advantage of our opportunities."

On how it has been difficult to sack the quarterback these past few weeks:

"I don't know. We just have to watch the film and see what happened. We just haven't been able to get there. To be honest with you, my side did well on coverage and he (Chad Henne) just scrambled around and found some room."

C Alex Mack:

On the play on the field not changing week to week:
"I think it's important to take it one game at a time.  We have another game up here, and it's going to be important for us to get together and play a good game.  There are a couple errors here and there.  The games are tough, those are good teams.  It's tough to make a couple mistakes and still win. We were close."


On losing 3 straight games after being in the playoff hunt:

"The season is long, a lot of games, a lot of plays.  It comes down to just winning one game at a time, and that's all we have to focus on. You guys can talk about the whole big picture thing."


TE Jordan Cameron:

On playing less aggressively on offense at certain times in the game:

"That's not my job.  They call the plays, Norv [Turner] has been doing it for a long time, we trust him and what he's doing and he does a great job."


On being stunned after what's happened the last 3 weeks:

"We are learning.  The NFL, it's tough.  It's hard to get a win, we are going up against good defenses every week.  It's disappointing.  I don't think it's a matter of us competing, I think everyone is trying really hard, trying to make some plays.  We can't get down, it's hard not to get down, there are highs and lows.  When Josh [Gordon] scored, everyone is up and the energy is great, and then we come back down, it's just one of those things we have to be mentally tough and weather the storm right now."


On the three turnovers in the second quarter mentally leading to more mistakes:

"It could be that, but we just can't turn the ball over.  Whatever the negative energy, or momentum, whatever that it is, we just can't do it.  It's the main thing we preached all week, protecting the ball, and we have to do a better job of that."


On what he saw on the interception intended for him:

"I have to look at that.  I don't know if that was Cover 2.  I know there were two safeties, and I have to see the play on film."


Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley

Opening statement:
"What a game. An exciting game I'm sure for the fans and for the guys that were involved in it too. A lot of emotion went on in the game. I didn't think that we played as well as we needed to. We had some missed opportunities in the game. We weren't, maybe, as crisp as we needed to be, but again, credit to Cleveland. I know they did a great job and (Josh) Gordon, the receiver, (was) phenomenal. We knew what he was all about and he still came in and did it, played extremely well and challenged us. But we did some really good things too. I was really pleased with our poise from start to finish. That is one thing that did not waver and, to come back in the second quarter and get the three turnovers, and the way we executed down the stretch with our offense, defense and special teams, really exciting for that to happen. "

On WR Cecil Shorts III getting the final touchdown after having a few drops earlier in the game:
"It's awesome and my conversation with Cecil was, ‘That's really what happens when you do drop it. It's something that you do every day and sometimes it's either you lose your focus or you try to make too much out of a play and you really just have to trust your preparation and trust your athleticism.' And he'll make that play nine times out of ten, so that's a challenge. Like I said in (the locker room), there are so many learning opportunities. SS Winston Guy, get on course, rather than go for the pick, we gave up a long touchdown. Those things keep popping up. We've got to clean those things up, but just the tenacity and the attitude of our guys throughout was great." 

On if he felt that the team could have come up with more points off of the three forced turnovers in the second quarter:
"It was tough, the last one. We want to make sure once we cross that logo area to make sure we get points and to not take any losses or anything like that, so we were competing in that area. Especially in that last drive that we scored on. It wasn't to set things up to get a field goal to put it into overtime. I talked to OC (Jedd) Fisch and said, ‘Let's continue to be aggressive here throughout.' And he did a great job." 

On the offensive struggles in the second half and putting together the last scoring drive:
"Sometimes those things happen. They have a really good defense. They have a good defense and they made a lot of good plays. It just felt like, to me, we missed some opportunities, but then again, we made a lot of plays. We made a lot of plays with Ace Sanders and with Cecil down the stretch at critical times, Marcedes (Lewis) and Chad (Henne). Probably, the biggest play was the ‘bubble' on that drive where Chad threw it out of bounds. That's what playing smart is rather than trying to make that ‘bubble' pass in there and it could have been picked. (He) Threw it over their head, just playing smart and being efficient."

On if WR Ace Sanders was ready for a larger role in the offense coming into this game:
"We've talked about this all year that we're trying to, as fast as we can, learn our players and learn our personnel and learn their strengths. Sometimes it takes time and we keep competing to find out what they do well and that's a process that takes a lot of time. We're incorporating more things to utilize Ace's strengths, to utilize Marcedes, to utilize Cecil and it's still a process for us. But we're challenging ourselves not to be normal."

On if he has liked the team's poise the most since the bye week:
"Yeah, and that's why when I came in I said to our guys, ‘Some things may happen around you, some things might happen to you, but what's really important is the things that happen in you.' And that's where I think this team has really gravitated around. It's not so much what happens to us. All those things can take place. (There is) a lot of noise out there, but it's more about where we're at inside and we're growing that aspect. Whenever you have a victory like this, a tight, close game like this, it helps with that process."

On how impressed he was with DT Sen'Derrick Marks' fumble recovery:
"We got some pressure today and you saw different packages we used whether it was the ‘lightning' package or it was the ‘bandit' package. Again, trying to find creative ways to get pressure on the quarterback."

On LB Paul Posluszny's sack:
"It was a big play because it was in that logo area. We made some big plays there and sudden changes too. There were a couple of sudden changes. After Chad's interception where we came back and held them and, I think, forced them to punt. We responded well to some of the situational football that we needed to."

On RB Maurice Jones-Drew's touchdown pass and how long it had been in the works:
"This week."

On what made it the right time to call Jones-Drew's touchdown pass:
"Jedd and I talked about it during the week. He really felt strongly about it and then we were looking for the right time to do it and it was something that we practiced and felt good about. I think it was a third and one when we ran it so we just tried to take advantage of our guys' strengths."

On being aggressive and going for a touchdown instead of settling for a field goal at the end of the game:
"I think we try to portray the image to our team that we need to be bold because, eventually, as we understand each other more and more, that's the personality that we want to have. As we're trying to figure these things out we really want to showcase that part of it, but it's a challenge to be bold, but smart too and we have to make good decisions. When your quarterback makes decisions like Chad did in the crucial times, that helps you."

On if it is a breakthrough winning two games in a row:
"No, I mean it's a good feeling as long as you keep it in perspective. I think the big teaching for our players is, understand what got us to this place. What was our mentality? What was our approach? How did we practice? Those are the things that we want to concentrate on, not ‘We've won two in a row' or whatever out of the last four since the bye week. I really want them to focus on what got us to this point and then build on that and then just trust."

Jaguars Players


OL Brad Meester:
On winning three of the last four games:
"Definitely. We knew that we kept doing the right thing to keep things going. They definitely come in bunches. We are going to keep going. Keep doing what we do, keep working hard every day and continue to get better."


On Cecil Shorts III making a big play in his hometown:

"That was huge. We knew that he would. He is a guy to continue fighting. The opportunity came again and we knew he would make the most of it. He did a heck of a job."


On the running game:

"I think we are gelling really well, right now. We watch our double teams up front. Maurice Jones-Drew is hitting those holes hard. We give him all the credit. All of those backs back there are doing a great job finding holes and making big runs."


LB Paul Posluszny:

On Josh Gordon's performance:
"He's big, strong, and he can run. There aren't too many guys like him that have his skill set and play like him. We all have the utmost respect for him and what he did today. He is an unbelievable receiver. "


On two game winning streak:

"I think so. We are getting that positive feeling from winning. We feel like we are headed in the right direction. Now we have to go reload and get back to work, but we definitely feel like we are on the right path. If we keep working, we are going to end up where we want to be."


On his sack:

"That is a really good pressure for us. It's been a couple weeks since we have run it, but they motioned the back out to ‘empty' so you know the ball's coming out quick. We were just able to hit it right and hit it home. It was a great call to put us in that situation."


DE Jason Babin:

On what worked for them on defense:

"We did a good job of stopping the run. Anytime you can stop the run and make them one dimensional, it's easy to dial up the pass rush."


On Sen'Derrick Marks's fumble recovery:

"We have been harassing him ever since that moment happened and an offensive guard caught him. They ‘max pro-ed' (max protection) and gave him ‘one-on-ones' and he just showed up. That's big and we need that."


On Josh Gordon's performance:

"It's amazing that they were thinking about trading him. When you have back to back weeks with 200 plus yards receiving, it is pretty amazing."


WR Cecil Shorts III:
On returning home and catching the game-winning touchdown:
"I can't really put it into words, it's a dream come true. For that play to happen in this game, in that situation and in the home town. I didn't have the best day, it was 3rd and 13, an in-route [referring back to another play]. I ran a good route, open, and no need to jump for the ball. I jumped for it instead of just catching and running, and the ball came out, and that was frustrating. The guys came to me, Chad Henne came to me, said ‘hey I'm coming back to you, you're a playmaker and I'm coming back to you.' Ace Sanders, Mike Brown, Will Blackmon, and a bunch of the guys came to me, like ‘yo' we're coming back to you, don't worry.' Marcedes Lewis said, ‘don't worry about it, just keep fighting.' That last drive, guys were making plays and that one felt good."

On having confidence in matching up against CB Joe Haden on final touchdown:
"At that point in time, I was just thinking: when the ball comes, make a play. After that [previous] drop, I didn't have any more. I had about three or four catches after that. I was just focused, I wasn't thinking about anything else but zoning in on that play that was happening at the moment. My confidence wasn't hit at all at any point in the game, it was just a matter of being frustrated and that's just part of it."

On if he looked for anyone special in the crowd after touchdown reception:
"I was just staring at the crowd. I'm not going to tell you what I said, but I was just staring at the crowd and enjoying it with my teammates."

RB Maurice Jones-Drew:

On these type of games usually going the other way:

"We just kept fighting. It was crazy. We went down, kick the field goal and get the lead. Josh Gordon does his thing and we came back. I don't think we drove down the field all game like that. The offensive line stepped in huge protecting Chad Henne. The receivers were making plays and we were able to run the ball well. Cecil (Shorts III) made that catch at the end. It was a hard fought victory. We are excited about it but it's a quick turnaround come Thursday. We will enjoy it on the plane and get ready to work on Monday."


On his touchdown throw:

"We ran the ball well and knew they were going to suck in on it. Chad did a great job setting that up. It was 3rd and 1 so we knew they were going to play the run. I'm glad Mercedes Lewis made me look good because it was a horrible throw."

On his reaction when they put the play in:

"I've thrown the ball before. I threw one in the league, it got picked off. I tried to throw a bomb though. I threw one in college that was similar to the one here. I didn't think they were going to call it. I told them all week to throw it in in a pressure situation, which they did. It worked out for us."


On starting quarterbacks not throwing a touchdown today:

"I might try out for that next year. I will work on my drops."


On Cecil Shorts III coming to his hometown:

"It was huge. Joe Haden is a great corner. We knew they were going to match them up. Joe did great all day. Cecil just made a play when we needed him to. To end the game like that, you should have heard the things he was saying to him. Everyone was talking trash to him. The fans did their homework, so they are going to talk bad to you. He did a great job making that play for us in that situation. It was 3rd and 10 and you run a slant and go to just throw it up and give him the opportunity to make a play."


On how he felt about the running game:

"I thought we did well. They have a good front. We had a good day. They are obviously going to make their plays as well. The offensive line wanted to run power on 3rd and 1, so we did. That is kind of our mentality. We want to keep growing on that because our game is to run the ball and then play action pass."


QB Chad Henne:
On using Ace Sanders in the offensive playbook:
"Well, I think just seeing what he could do last week, we added and put some more on his plate. We felt we had a good matchup with him in the ‘nickel' and he did some really good things. We kind of just mixed it up, breaking in, breaking out, and he did some really good things out there."

On having mismatches when using Ace Sanders in the backfield:
"He's definitely a big mismatch and if we can do that and put a linebacker or a ‘nickel' on him, we feel he can do some really good things and win in man coverage. We're going to continue to work him and see what else we can do with him."

On the game winning touchdown to Cecil Shorts III:
"He had a tough start, a couple drops here and there. I kept believing in him. I kept telling him he can make those plays and he came up with a great play at the end. We felt Joe Haden was off, he's a great corner, he bit the first route, it was a double move, and Cecil just came down with a great catch in the end zone."

DB Dwayne Gratz:
Opening statement:
"It was a dog fight today. We made plays, they made plays. We came out with the win today. So, that's all that matters right now. We still have some things we need to fix."

On his second quarter interception:
"I noticed what they were trying to do in the slot. They just sat him down so I just read it. It seemed he pulled up the ball and I made a play."

On winning starting to feel like a habit:
"It does. We've been working hard consistently. It's finally starting to pay out."

On young secondary playing well:
"It's been amazing to see how far we came. In the beginning of the season we were the group that 

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