Bay St. Louis make-up artist uses talent on famous faces

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - A Hancock County woman had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Her dream of using her talent on famous faces in the movie industry has come true.

Now, sticking around for the closing credits at the end of the next movie you watch might just contain the name of a local woman.

"Do you want your eyes to look smaller," Jessica Underwood asked her client.

Underwood has spent the last 10 years perfecting her craft as a make-up artist.

"It is an art. I just don't have it on canvas for everybody to see. People wash it off, but it's a true art to me. "

Trendsetter's Beauty Salon in Bay St. Louis is her bread and butter, but she's quickly making a name for herself with her freelance business.

"Within 5 months, I've been very privileged to be a part of eight productions as the key make-up artist."

Her childhood dream of using her talent on the rich and famous is finally being realized.

"I worked with a lot of amazing people, some very laid back and down to earth actors. I had to do the make up for Chelsea Kane, which is the star of "Baby Daddy" on ABC Family. She is also one of the voices of "Fish Hooks" and was on "Dancing with the Stars."

Underwood did Kane's make up while she was on the coast filming the movie "Category 5." Underwood also made up the face of one of the movies other co-stars.

"I also worked with Yani Gilliam. He used to be in "Pretty Little Liars" and he's also in the "Lizzie Maquire Movie."

Underwood's name on the rolling credits doesn't stop there. She's been the chief make-up artist for four music videos and a documentary filmed in New Orleans.

"Seeing them on camera and seeing them on the TV screen, millions of others are going to be seeing them, and I get to show my work and what I've done."

Her goal is continue to build her list of credits and eventually take her talent to Hollywood.

"I do hope one day I can get to that point to where they can fly me out to LA"

The movie filmed on the coast, "Category 5" staring Bert Reynolds, is scheduled to be released in fall of next year.

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