Christmas tree shopping is family tradition

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - Now that Thanksgiving is over, people are preparing for the next holiday by picking up a Christmas trees. I went to a Christmas tree farm in Saucier that opens each year on the day after Thanksgiving. Workers say so far they've had a very productive first day.

Around 4,000 trees cover Gartman's Christmas Tree Farm, but some of them won't be here for long.

"We are open and we are cutting down Christmas trees and kids are out here having a good time and they are tagging them just cutting down left and right," said Terri Gartman the daughter of the owners.

The Gartman family spent the first day of opening this season selling trees. One of their customers is the Buchanan family. For them the farm is an annual tradition.

"Being able to bring the kids out and doing it with the kids. They, you know like to run around and look at the trees and pick the trees out," said Barry Buchanan.

"I really like that we get to walk around and just look at the different trees and let my sisters and my mom and dad vote for which tree we want to get," said Mekhi Spiers.

After looking around for a few minutes, the Buchanan's voted a six footer for its size and shape. But the decision making is much different for the Selby family. It's one that is heavily dependent on their son Carter.

"We found that if we put him in the tree he laughs none stop. So we're just kinda trying to find different trees and put him in it," said Tyler Selby.

Selby said the right tree must also be aesthetically pleasing.

"My mom always said look for one that doesn't have holes in it. So no holes, good shape to it and that pretty much nails it down," Selby said.

Being in the Christmas tree business for 27 years the Gartman's say they know a thing or two about Christmas Trees. According to Gartman, some of the most popular trees are the Carolina Sapphires for their fragrance and the Leyland Cypress for their branches.

While picking a tree and cutting it down is a relatively quick process, getting these trees to reach six to seven feet tall takes four to five years. During that time the trees require a lot of attention.

"My dad comes out here every single day in the morning time and he trims them by hand," Gartman said.

Although many people use artificial trees, Gartman says nothing compares to being able to pick out a fresh tree. She says they expect to sell 300 to 400 trees this year.

The farm is located at:

21030 Scarborough Rd, Saucier, MS 39574
(228) 831-2532

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