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Keep your holiday shopping deals out of crooks’ hands

(WMC-TV) – As you are shopping for deals this holiday season, police say crooks are shopping too. It's the season for a reminder about keeping your valuables out of the crooks' reach.

‘Stow it, don't show' it is something Memphis Police and other agencies have preached for years, but not everyone is listening.

Action News 5's Chopper 5 saw packed parking lots on Black Friday and plenty of easy pickings for Mid-South crooks.

Shopper Ann Little said, "Well, I thought about it today when I left my boots on the back seat."

Little said she's heard the warnings, just not heeded them, even though her boyfriend was a victim after leaving valuables in his car.

Cody Jordan said, "It makes you feel victimized. You come to your car and everything is gone you worked for and paid money for."

Little added, "I'm not as concerned about it I guess, but should probably keep them in the back."

According to police reports, there have already been more than 400 thefts from motor vehicles reported in Memphis and Shelby County during the month of November alone.

This is a statistic that has risen during holiday periods in the past, when so many people are out shopping and possibly unaware of the threat.

‘Stow it, don't show it' has been an annual message in Memphis for at least the last eight holiday seasons.

Shopper Tiffany Body said, "I've never had an issue with a break-in or whatever, because we do that on a normal basis, even if it's not the holidays."

However, not everyone has a trunk, but police say you should conceal valuables and other items the best you can.

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