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Grizzlies’ fan stopped on side of highway, offered help by an unlikely source

(WMC-TV) - A Grizzlies fan experiencing car trouble on Thanksgiving Day was helped out by someone he never expected to meet off the court.

Lloyd Allen describes himself as a "Grizzlies fan for life."

"I actually wear Grizzlies gear every day," he said.

The season ticket holder recently bought a car at an auction. His first road trip in that car was on Thanksgiving. Allen was heading north on Highway 14 for a family gathering when his car overheated.

"We pulled over to the side of the road just to let the car cool down," he explained.

That is when another car, heading south, made a U-turn and pulled up behind him.

The man from the other car yelled to Allen, "Hey, y'all OK? Y'all fine? Y'all having car trouble?"

As he was looking under the hood, Allen said he responded, "Yeah, we got it."

Allen said he then did a double take, "Coach?"

The man who pulled up to help was Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger.

Allen said the coach stayed to make sure his car was fine and wanted to know if he had anyone coming to help.

"It was crazy. We were like, ‘Coach stopped and offered to help us'," said Allen.

"There's lots of those. Millions of those stories that go on every single day in our community," said Joerger. "You don't ever do that stuff to be acknowledged for it. It's just something that any of us would do to help somebody that was on the road." Coach Joerger said.

Grizzlies' players say that's just Dave.

"He's a very, very helpful guy. He's a great human being," said Grizzlies Guard Mike Conley.

Grizzlies Forward Mike Miller agreed, "I don't care if he's the head coach or, you know, working some other job, he would've stopped and helped out. That's just what he does."

"The first person and the only person to offer to help was the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies," said Allen. "Coach Joerger fan for life."

Allen says his car is heading to the shop, but he will still be in his regular seat when the Grizzlies host the Brooklyn Nets Saturday night at FedExForum.

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