Christmas wish comes true for Harrison County girl

Breanna named her new horse "Cinnamon."
Breanna named her new horse "Cinnamon."

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Ten-year-old Breanna Allen has always wanted a horse. It's been her birthday and Christmas wish for as long as she can remember. However, with her mom battling cancer, the little girl never expected that wish might come true this year.

But a group of caring trail riders had other ideas.

Carol Aschaffenburg spent late Friday morning getting the horses in place for a special Christmas celebration. A rescue horse, wearing a bright red ribbon and gift tag, was about to make a little girl's dream come true.

Breanna Allen and her family arrived at noon, presumably to let her visit the horses.

"This is Monroe, who is German," said Carol, "He speaks German."

Breanna and her friend Kadi were excited to meet the Aschaffenburg horses.

"And this is my favorite," said Carol, as she showed the girls around the horse stalls.

Time came for the "gift horse" appearance. Carol acted surprised to find a new horse in one of her stalls.

"Did y'all bring this?" she asked her trail riding friends.

"Not mine," came their reply.

"Then what in the world?" said Carol. "I don't have my glasses on, can you read that?" she asked young Breanna.

"What does it say?"

Breanna couldn't believe what she read from the tag:  "It says To: Breanna  From: Santa!"

A riding group called the Trail Grazers helped organize this holiday surprise.   Breanna's parents were overcome by the kindness.

"There's really no words that can describe how happy we are. And how blessed we are," said Neal Allen.

"To be able to see her get her dream come true and her Christmas wish, it's, I'm speechless. Just incredible," added his wife, Katherine.

It is especially poignant since Breanna's mom is battling cancer.

"Actually two different kinds of stage four cancer. And you know, I don't know how many Christmases I have with her. But this is amazing memories right here. She'll never forget 'em," said her mom, Katherine.

"Ever since I was like born, I've been admiring horses. And I was just like, every year on my wish list was a horse. And my mom thought it would never happen," said Breanna Allen.

"We all as women, when young girls, it was our dream to have a Christmas pony. And this dream has come true for Breanna and her family. This is just special we were able to put this together. And Carol had such an awesome heart," said Earline Cuave, with the Trail Grazers group.

The heartfelt gift will give this little girl and her family some much needed joy this holiday season.

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