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What you should know about the bullfight coming to Jackson

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Plans for the first ever bullfighting exhibition in Jackson are creating an outcry from animal rights activist.

But the promoter tells us, no blood will be shed at the event.

The event will feature traditional bullfighting like they have in Mexico and Spain. (Read about it on their Facebook page here)

A petition is circulating internationally saying help stop the planned 'humane' bullfight in Mississippi. Many see it as a barbaric sport in which bulls are speared, then killed.

Pete Castorena says the bulls will not be in any danger during the December 7th exhibition at the Fordice Equine Center in Jackson.

But the exhibition is still a dangerous event with matadors putting themselves in harms way. "It's a new and humane way to still have our cultural event and have people come out to see a very humane way of doing it.

The only thing is the matadors will be in harms way the bulls will not be injured."

Castorena says the bulls will be fitted with a Velcro harness and the matador will try to attach Velcro flags to it. "It will be a special type of Velcro a harness on the back of the bull and then the flag as the matador comes by. He is doing his show, he will place a flag that has Velcro on the side of the flag and it will not puncture the bull.

Yet the planned humane bullfighting is so controversial some businesses are distancing themselves from the event.

The Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau in a statement to WLBT news said the scheduled bullfighting event received in-kind services only. General admission tickets are $25.00 for ages six and up.

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