Get ready, get set, now shop

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's a sure sign that Black Friday has arrived. Just about everything, in every store, is on sale. At Premium Outlets in Gulfport, the parking lot is full, and so are the sales counters. Cash registers chime in with the sounds of the season.

Shoppers love it. One of them is Dianne Esquivel.

"It's all extra percentages off so that's great, and by coming later it's not as crowded as it was earlier," said Esquivel.

With staggered openings and sales times, it's not quite as frenzied as in years past. Donnette Beasley is an assistant store manager.

"It's been busy, they've been very pleasant and a lot of customers are finding what they need since it's 50 percent off, and it's been just steady," Beasley said.

Black Friday is the time to play let's make a deal for Ryan Malecki.

"I actually found some nice shoes on sale, got them for $25, originally $64 so I'm pretty sure that's a good deal and I got my dad a nice Packer hat."

For most of the people shopping on this Black Friday, the main goal is to get the best deal possible. For others, it's simply tradition.

Michele King fits that description.

"We're from New Orleans and every year we spend the night of Thanksgiving at her dad's house that lives in Kiln, and then we come shopping at five in the morning and we're home for noon," King said.

Other shoppers, like Michael Haywood, are in it for the long haul.

"Well, I'm trying to see if I can get the best deals out here. I've been out here since 4 o'clock this morning shopping and I'll continue to be out here all day until I find the best deals on what I'm looking for," Haywood said.

Speaking of these deals, just see what Chelsi Keaton has to say about them.

"We already went to some stores, and we've already got like half off the normal price so it was pretty good. I'm excited," Keaton said.

Merchants are excited too, as they urge their customers to just do it on this Black Friday.

Shoppers have even more incentive this year to head to the stores besides the sales. Because Thanksgiving came so late in the month, there are less than four weeks between that holiday and Christmas.

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