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Helping out at the Salvation Army

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thanksgiving is a time for family, but also a time for volunteering. Mississippi is the most generous state in the nation, and it's apparent at the Salvation Army in North Jackson. A big Thanksgiving lunch is held here every year, and they never seem to be short of help.

About 1,200 sit-down meals are served, and hundreds more go out the door. The volunteers come in family groups, and sometimes they're business groups or organizations. And this year we saw a lot of young people.

"I've been helping, picking up tables. Putting the bags on the tables," says 9-year-old Dominic Dantzler.

"It was a fun experience because a of the people are nice. I'm from up north in Illinois. The people are not like this. They don't really have good manners there," says 13-year-old Brendan Jessen of Simpson County.

The Salvation Army buys some of the food, some is donated, and some comes from a partnership with the Mississippi Food Network. 

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