Churches of different denominations unite for one cause

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - For many years Pass Christian churches of different denominations have made it a tradition to worship together Thanksgiving morning. On Thursday after the hymns were sung and the scriptures read, four congregations found a way they could be a blessing to the community.

Plates stuffed with turkey, dressing and a whole lot more were delivered to people who otherwise may have not received a hot meal for the Thanksgiving.

"There are so many people that don't get out when it's cold or may not have been able to get out the last couple of days to make those last minute preparations for their holiday meals," said Viara May of First Missionary Baptist Church Pass Christian."So I know one of the deliveries that went out had 90 plates on it. We had a delivery that went out for 15 or 20."

Pass Christian churches First Missionary Baptist Church, St. Paul United Methodist, and Goodwill Missionary Baptist as well as Mt. Zion United Methodist in Delisle have long had joint worship services on Thanksgiving. This year they wanted to build on that partnership.

"This is the first year that this project has come about," said Claudette Jones of Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church. "We're so thankful. Just so thankful for our community because we are such a close knit community. We love our community and we just love to help and being apart of God's family."

Church members said showing their love for God's people is more important than any religious differences.

"In the community here in Pass Christian we're just one big great family so if somebody is hurting in Pass Christian then everybody in Pass Christian in hurting," May said. "So whether you're Methodist, or Catholic Or Presbyterian it doesn't make any difference."

"We only serve one God and we look beyond the different denominations," said Jones. "The community service that we have on the holidays there are two Methodist churches, two Baptist churches and then Catholic community. We all just come together as one community."

The churches also worship together for Easter and Christmas.

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