Filling stomachs and touching hearts, one meal at a time

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of volunteers set out with meals and delivery orders early Thursday morning to put a Thanksgiving meal on the tables of those in need.

Many volunteers have brought Thanksgiving meals to people across South Mississippi for more than a decade. Stacey Waldrop is one of those giving spirits and Thursday she brought her 21-year-old daughter Alex with her to make deliveries.

Like a well oiled machine, the two headed out with 14 meals and four deliveries on the list. Stacey Waldrop said the reason she delivers meals is simple.

"To give back," said Waldrop.

But, it's a reward seen best in the gratitude of those on the receiving end, like Bonnie Perry.

"Oh you can't believe, last year it was so good, my brother and I said, 'We're back at mother's house,'" said Perry. "Thanks so much. It's a blessing."

They had a special moment with Bonnie, and it was off to bring Thanksgiving to Margaret Hughes.

"Happy Thanksgiving!" said Stacey Waldrop.

For Margaret, it was few minutes of fellowship and laughter.

"I appreciate it and I appreciate it for them that say they can't appreciate it," said Hughes.

But, the meal was not to be overlooked.

"This means I don't have to cook," said Hughes.

With just a handful of deliveries, the Waldrops provided a Thanksgiving meal for many in need. It's something they said filled their heart with joy.

"It's a great way to start of Thanksgiving for sure," said Alex.

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