Pascagoula police crack down on unsafe drivers

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula Police are kicking off an aggressive campaign this holiday season to encourage smart choices and safe driving on the road. The goal is to reduce injuries and save lives.

Beware of the flashing blue lights coming for all drivers not obeying the rules of the road this holiday season in Pascagoula.

"May I see you license and registration," an officer said.

Pascagoula Police stopped drivers Thanksgiving Day for not wearing a seatbelt, which they say has become an ongoing safety concern.

"Last year, our traffic division wrote over 1,000 seatbelt violations. Even though we have throughout Mississippi an 81 percent seatbelt usage, we want to bring it up in the City of Pascagoula," Sgt. Doug Adams said.

Along with seatbelts, police will also be looking for distracted drivers, those drinking and driving, and speeders.

"You need to slow down and pay attention to your driving. You are putting other folk's lives in danger not paying attention. Plus, you have a lot of foot traffic around the city," Adams.

So far, police said there have been three fatalities in Pascagoula this year. Two fatalities happened on Washington Avenue, in a residential neighborhood.

"One fatality it is still under investigation and the one back in January was due to speeding. Both of them were young adults, teenagers," said Adams. "Police officers are now stepping up patrols, running radar more day and night, as well as writing tickets to make sure drivers stay safe on the road.

"We are just trying to cut down on injuries and the people that come to Pascagoula. We are trying to save lives. Our goal is not to have any fatalities throughout the rest of the year and for folks to have a safe and Happy Holiday," Adams said.

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