Holiday travel season means dangerous roads

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - "Congested, but moving kind of good, but just a lot of traffic," said holiday traveler Art Lewis who drove from Louisiana.

Holiday travelers filled up their tanks and prepared to hit the road Wednesday evening. While many were excited to reach their destination, they weren't thrilled with the headaches on the roads.

"Obviously, traffic is probably going to be pretty congested, so I'm going to hit the freeway," said Nathan Suhy.

Heading to Fairhope, Alabama, that traffic was especially scary for Nathan Suhy who was traveling with extra special cargo - his wife, Layla, and dog truffles.

"Don't be stupid. Be courteous to truck drivers and you just got to be aware of everything around you," said Suhy. "So be careful."

Others, like Lewis, agreed.

"Be careful, watch out for the other person, because they're not watching out for you," said Lewis.

According to AAA, 90 percent of travelers will be driving this holiday season, an estimated 39 million people will be hitting the road until Sunday at midnight.

"Just watch out for other people you know on the roads, people driving that kind of thing," said Joshua Gibbs. "Be very considerate of other drivers."

Gibbs was just heading up the road to Hattiesburg, but he and others understand no matter the distance, roads are always dangerous.

"You have to drive for everybody, you can't just drive for yourself," said traveler Willete Dixson.

In the 2012 Thanksgiving enforcement period, Mississippi Highway Patrol saw 21 accidents in the six coastal counties and made 11 DUI arrests. There were two fatalities on the roads, statewide.

That's why drivers at the gas station were cautious as they prepared to hit the road, hoping everyone will have one thing...

"Happy Holidays!" said Gibbs.

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