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MUST SEE VIDEO: Dramatic rescue?

"We could tell that on the passenger side the water appeared to be deeper than it did on the driver's side. One of the officers got a pole from our Animal Control truck. He was gonna try to hand him the pole," Williams says.

But Jackson wouldn't budge.

"We were asking him to come to the rear of the vehicle. We told him to sit down on the trunk of the car and slide off," Williams tells us. "At some point when he was moving around he dropped his jacket in the water. He bent over to retrieve his jacket."

That move pumped him with courage, because after roughly 20 minutes, Jackson did what he could have done all along but just didn't know it.

"The water luckily wasn't that deep. He was able to walk out on his own. He thanked us for coming," Williams explains. "Again, when the call came out that a vehicle was submerged in water, we try to get there as quick as we can. It's basically routine for us to work accidents, and every so often you have some go in a ravine."

Jackson's car was towed, and a friend picked him up from the scene. He was unharmed.

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