County uses social media to find volunteers for cold weather shelter

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County's cold weather shelter in D'Iberville is being put to good use this week. The facility opened at 4:30 Tuesday afternoon and all throughout the night people continued to trickle in.

Harrison County opened their cold weather shelter at the Kenny Fournier Multipurpose Building and in order for the county to open that shelter they needed to enlist the help of volunteers.

Harrison County officials said when they heard of the cold weather headed for South Mississippi they knew they needed to act quickly and have volunteers lined up to help them run a cold weather shelter for those in need. But when they got nowhere making phone calls, they took to social media.

"[Harrison County District 1] Supervisor Swetman actually put it out on his Facebook page and within 45 minutes, we filled up with all of our volunteers," Harrison County Field Representative James Morgan said.

Coupled with her love for Facebook and her love to help others Dolores Leger stepped up to the plate and signed up to volunteer.

"I saw where Windy Swetman had announced it. And as soon as I saw it I told him, I said, 'Hey I'm here just let me know,'" said Leger.

Leger and 20 others agreed to volunteer at the shelter. But, Harrison County isn't only providing a warm place to sleep, they're also providing food and a warm cup of coffee. Seashore Mission brought in vegetable soup, casseroles and fruit.

"This is our family. This is our community and so we definitely want to make sure we take care of them," said Judy Longo with Seashore Mission.

After seeing how many people volunteered, Morgan said he's gotten a whole new appreciation for Facebook.

"It makes you see how important social media and everything is today. You put it out, tons of people. I mean we were actually turning some people away just cause we have more than what we need," Morgan said.

Again, the building will be open as a cold weather shelter until Friday. Now you actually have to be Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman's Facebook friend to have seen his posting asking for help.

In the future if you are interested in helping at the cold weather shelter you can call the Harrison County Board of Supervisors at 228-435-8272.

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