Made in Mississippi: Thanksgiving products

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - As you put away the leftovers, you might consider just how much of your Thanksgiving dinner is home grown right here in Mississippi. Here has some interesting facts about Thanksgiving favorites that are "American Made in Mississippi".

Mississippi oysters turn up on tables across the coast and beyond. The salty delicacies are popular in dressing and other side dishes.

If you serve up Uncle Ben's rice along side your turkey or use if to jazz up those turkey leftovers you can thank the more than 200 Mississippians in Greenville. The folks at Uncle Ben's crank out box after box of rice and ship it all over the world, including countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Uncle Ben's is celebrating 35 years in Greenville. That sweet potato casserole got it start in Mississippi soil. Farmers in our state produce 394 million pounds of sweet potatoes each year. On top of that casserole and in your favorite pie, you'll find another Mississippi product, Southern Pecans.

Two and a half million pounds of them come Mississippi trees each year. So enjoy the best of Mississippi as you dive into your Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Remember when you buy local, you support local families and your communities economy.

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