Bakery orders rise as Thanksgiving draws near

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - With Thanksgiving just days away, the ovens in South Mississippi are very hot and that includes those in the kitchens of bakeries. Workers are busy filling orders.

The measuring and mixing began in the wee hours of the morning and there wouldn't be a break any time soon at Melissa's Specialty Cakes in Long Beach.

"Oh, we're slammed right now. We are really really busy. People are ordering for Thanksgiving left and right," said owner Melissa Fischer.

Some people choose to let someone else do the baking for their Thanksgiving dessert tables. That's where bakery owners like Fischer come in.

"Actually they're ordering king cakes. A lot of king cakes right now for the Fall," Fischer said. "They're ordering the Italian Cream, the Red Velvet, German Chocolate, cookies, and then a lot of assorted cupcakes. We're doing boxes of them.  We're doing some of the cupcakes with the little turkeys on them."

This kind of cooking frenzy is something new for Fisher's staff. She moved into a location on Jeff Davis Avenue back in May. She said because of greater visibility, her holiday orders are up 20 percent from last year.

"We're going into uncharted territory, so we're kind of feeling our way through it," Fischer said. "We did not have a storefront last year. We just had a Health Department approved kitchen that we worked out of. Orders are much better than they were last year."

The bakery will open Wednesday morning so people can pick up their cakes. But for those who forgot to order, all may not be lost.

"Right now, we're booked," Fischer said. "But we are going to have cakes that people can walk in and pick up out of the case. So we have prepared for the last minute people who did not place an order."

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