Wing Zone - Biloxi, Pass Road

Football season has arrived, and what food do you think of when you think of football....wings, that's right. Don Dupuis opened Wing Zone about a year and a half ago in Biloxi with the intention of providing a different type of service.

Dupuis says, "When you talk about pick-up business or delivery business I should say....people think of pizza. Now you have chicken wings, chicken breasts, fried wings what have you....salads and we deliver it all. "

Dupuis says there are lulls at the Wingzone, but this is the time of year his business scores a touchdown.

"Football season probably is the epitomy for us. Super Bowl Sunday is unbelievable. We may have as many as a 2 hour waiting period for wings. People waiting out the door, but they're all patient and wait for their wings. So, that's goodness," Dupuis says.

With the low carb craze still crazy, it's a dieter's dream. You can pick wings of just about any flavor you might want.

"We have 5 of the hot, 5 of the garlic, 5 of the teriyaki and 5 of the barbeques. Then we have 5 of the miscellaneous, if you will," Dupuis says.

The buffalo sauces are the carb-wise choices.

Dupuis says, "You can go healthy or not healthy...whatever's your choice."

Choose from a grilled or fried chicken sandwich or salad, chicken fingers, onion rings or even fried mushrooms. But, the biggest sellers are the wings.

Dupuis says, "We were just sampling some of the sauces. You know I've never tasted the Nuclear, and it is Nuclear. I mean the term describes it all. It is the first time I ever tried it, and it is hot!"

So beware, if you get into a 'who can eat the hottest wings''ve been warned.

Wing Zone is located on Pass Road in Biloxi near Kessler Gate 7. They are open for lunch and dinner. Call 228.435.9464 for delivery or more information.